Campaigning for NEU Members

East Sussex Pay Dispute Update


The campaign to get East Sussex schools to pay the proper nationally agreed rates continues. The union is making progress with 25 schools in the County now either paying or having agreed to pay the 2% rise to the whole of the main pay scale.

A further 8 schools have strike ballots running to add to the previous 6 that have been held. Questions have been asked on our behalf in the Council Chamber and the situation has had extensive media coverage.

Thank you for all those of you who have got in touch about this issue and to set up a school meeting. We are trying to get back to everyone and arrange meetings to discuss this as quick as we can, but still do please let us know if you would like a local rep to come in and discuss the situation.

If you are a parent of a child at one of the schools or you wish to explain the action to a parent or member of the public click here for more information.