Campaigning for NEU Members

Pay Campaign Update  - Strikes called off

The NEU has  suspended all upcoming industrial action in East Sussex which was scheduled over the pay dispute. 3 days of industrial action were scheduled in 12 schools next week.

The agreement reached will mean members on the disputed part of the pay scale M2 –M6a in all 150+ effected schools in East Sussex will get an extra pay rise in September prior to any further 18/19 increase.


This will mean East Sussex will be brought level with Brighton and Hove and the majority of LEAs who were already paying the correct scales and there will not be any ongoing lower pay for teachers compared to other areas.

Alongside this there will be an improved process for writing future pay policies by East Sussex CC. Part of this will be a reps briefing in the Autumn which we will need as many schools as possible represented at.


As more and more important issues are decided locally rather than nationally the need for school union reps is greater than ever. We could not have won the agreement we have if we did not have reps in all the key schools involved. With more reps and a better process we would hope to avoid further disputes in the future and to concentrate on campaigning for the adequate funding that is needed by our schools from the government..


Music Service Campaign

A consultation has opened on the closure of the instrumental teaching part of the East Sussex Music Service. The NEU has been central to a very high profile campaign to save the service. The 12,000+ signature petition will presented on 10th July to a full Council meeting.

It is however important teachers take part in the official consultation which is here


Please do take the time to support the continuation of the service and answer the questions in a way that opposes closure.


Union Release Time

Just to update you finally on another issue regarding release time for area reps. Most work the union does in the area supporting members is done by officers who like myself are serving teachers. The amount of time we get out of school should be based on the membership the union has. The NEU in East Sussex has over 70% of all teachers as members but unfortunately we do not get the appropriate about of release time. We are working on this with the Council but wanted to update you as members so you are aware of the situation if it is not resolved and we need to ask for your support.

Watch this film about school cuts

Our schools have 5,366 fewer teachers in the last year. Meanwhile there are 136,544 more pupils.

How could this happen in Britain?

Click here to watch a brief film from schoolcuts.org.uk about the damage being done to our schools: