East Sussex Pay Campaign Update


The campaign to reverse East Sussex pay falling behind and get the STRB recommend rises paid in full continues. Yesterday 7 more schools voted to join the strikes. These schools are Ratton, Cavendish, Bourne Primary, Hailsham Community College, Ocklynge Junior Pashley Down and in West Sussex but part of a majority East Sussex trust the Central CE Academy.


We are likely to look to call the first strike for these schools on the 27th June.


We are again looking to discuss settling the dispute with the County Council and individual governing bodies. 25 schools are now paying in the county.


More schools are coming forward asking for a rep to come in and speak to members about the pay situation. If you would like to arrange this please do let me know.


Association Meeting 12th June


Your local union meeting is next on the 12th June 5pm in the Elephant and Castle Pub in Lewes. As well as the pay campaign and worktops save the music service we will be taking nominations for the first new National Executive of the National Education Union.

The meetings are very friendly with teachers from across the age ranges attending. Reps and members are very welcome along. Food is provided and costs covered.



Music Service Campaign


The petition set up by the union has gathered over 12,000 signitures which means it will trigger a debate at the Council on 10th July. We will be contiuning to pressure the Council not to close the instumental service that does so much to make learning an instument accessable to our pupils.


Supply Teachers Conference


The National Supply Teachers’ Conference is taking place on the 23rd/24th June at Warwick University. It is free to attend and the association has agreed to cover travel and accommodation costs for 3 members heading up. If you would like to attend please sign up here https://www.teachers.org.uk/learning/course/361 and email me to secure costs being covered.

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