Supporting Supply Teachers in East Sussex


         The Supply Teachers Network combined with A Fair Deal for Supply Teachers met in Bristol on Saturday, December 2nd.

   Before the meeting, which was held in the Tony Benn Unite the Union building (home of the Bristol Division) , a  lobby of “New Directions” took place outside of their offices and they were presented with the “Low Pay Teaching Agency of the Year Award”, and leaflet were distributed in both English and Welsh .  END THE AGENCY RIP OFF!  BARGEN DEG AR GYFER ATHRAWON CYFLENWI - DIWEDD AR DWYLL ASIANTAETHAN.

   This meeting was very well-attended, and enabled members fro the far west (Penzance) and Wales to attend, and we were joined by an NAS member and a researcher into poor employment and agency conditions.

    A NOF report was presented, and we are waiting for confirmation of plans and dates made at the meeting to be circulated from HH, so these will follow as and when.

Angie Travis  Supply Officer and SE Regional NOF